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09 August 2010


Celebrant, Sherry and Giovanni
Friends and colleagues of Blossom and Okung Ebeife hosted them to a beautiful baby shower recently in Lagos, Nigeria. The couple Okung and Blossom got married in January 2009 and are expecting their first child. Workingmomsnigeria was there to cover the event. Please sit down, watch and enjoy!

Celebrant Blossom and Okung Ebiefe
Celebrant & Happy Mom to be
Blossom, Proud Mom to be

What is in the tray? Game
Baby Game Mary with the tray Amanda Charlise views the content
IZ Sweet friend of Blossom 
Glory Blossom's sweet friend
Ogho @ the Game
Game What's in d tray?
Amanda, Sherryvon and Charles Okoronkwo
Stella & Mary Ikoku
Ekaete Ebiefe and cousin
Stella, Adanna & Mary Ikoku
Ogho & Eka competing for the game prize
Ekaete E Winner of the Game
Men's Shower Game (Pregnant for a day)
Jude, Mario & Jide men's game participants
Jude, Mario, Jide, Abu & Charles ready for the game
Charles, Bobby & Ikenna on the game
Look who is pregnant!
Mary & Glory looks on!
Men can too!
The funniest baby shower game for men!
Giovanni, the little pregnant baby
And the ladies watch, as men do their game, pregnant for a day
Judges :whose pregnancy is the best?
Winner: Charles Okoronkwo
2nd Winner:Marrio
Award of prizes to winner of the men's shower game
Iz Mario presents to charles his prize
Bobby & La'Vive  Aukposi
Sherry serves Shower cake to Jude & Bobby
Mary, La Vive 'n' Ngozi digging it!
La'Vive, Ngozi & Mary
Mary & Bobby
Celebrant Blossom, La'Vive & Bobby
Mary, NG 'n' Sherry
Mary Ikoku, Publisher Working moms
Sherry, Ekaete, Mary & Ngozi
Mario & IZ pose with Jude & Ekene's baby
Mr. & Mrs Mario
Checking of the Baby Shower Gifts, Mary 'n' Celebrant
Lots of Gifts
Gift checks by Mary & Ngozi (Registerer) in the middle Celebrant
Gift Galore, a Kolcraft cuddle cot: Amarachi, Mary, Blossom & Ngozi
Gift Galore
Happy mom to be, claps for her friends
Celebrant flanked by some guest

Celebrants. Blossom & Okung Ebeife
Giovanni, Blossom & Sherry
Celebrant and her guests
Celebrant & friends of hubby
Ekene, her Son & Ekaeta 
Adanna, Onyi girl & Uche Stella
Giovanni, Blossom & Abu & Ogho's Son

B Shower Game 2 by IZ: How much baby stuff can u name?
IZ & Mary conducting Baby shower game 2.
TGame so much fun!
TGame by Sherryvon
Uche, Adanna and Onyi
Mary Ikoku & Sherry Okoronkwo
Stella Uche & Adanna 
Mary Ikoku, Stella Uche, Adanna, & Sherryvon
Celebrant Blossom, La' Vive & Bobby Anukposi
Stella Uche & Adanna
Okung (Dad To Be), Jude, Marrio & Jide
Stella, Ada, Onyi & Sherry participating in the T Game
Jude, Marrio & Jide Participate in the T Game
Mary Ikoku introduces the TG as Sherry looks on
Celebrant and her sweet friend IZ
Mary & Sherry
Jide & Ngozi
La'Vive Bobby Anukposi praying
Celebrant Prays
Prayer is the key
Mary TGame
Adanna TGame
Stella Uche TGame
Ngozi Amanda TGame
Marrio on the TGame
Jude on TGame
Bobby @ TGame
La'vive @ TGame
Ekene @ TGame
Ekaete @ TGame
Iz introduces 2nd Game
Sherry, Mary & IZ discusses @ Game time
Eka's Guest @ the TGame
Ngozi, Giovanni & a guest at the Shower
Celebrants, Blossom and Okung

Blossoms Baby Shower Cake by IZ
Lovely Cake by IZ

Mary & Ikenna
Congratulations to Mom & Dad to be!


Anonymous said...

Very nice pictures. d event looks colourful too. i'll call you later so we can talk more on d party thing.
Take care and keep keeping on!!!!

chinelo ikeme.......

Glory said...

waoh this is it.. cant wait to join the league..
now men know wat its like to be preg too
Fun but educating
Congrats to the Dad and Mum to be

ngozi said...

congrats to the parents to be...you all looked like you had fun.

Marcia said...

congratulations to the blessed parents!! this i trully lovely.....Thumbs up to everyone

omar mercy said...

nice and colourful!!!!!


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