Are you in the habit of rushing to work and equally rushing home because there is so much to do both at home and at work? Ever went to bed tired ignoring so many things in the bedroom and kitchen needing your attention, only to be interrupted a few hours later by the sound from your alarm clock? Do you always leave the house with more chores needing your attention that you carry part of your makeup/shoes and scarves to the office to dress appropriately later? Do you sometimes wish you could be in two or three places all at once? Are you a mother that works? Because if you are, then you'll appreciate and understand why there is a need to talk about how hard each day is for this superwoman called the "working mom".
Working Moms Nigeria is an endeavors to help women strike a healthy balance between earning a living and maintaining a good home.

Dedicated to all the women who are juggling work and family. You too can be a part of this mind boggling experience by joining millions of ‘superheroes out there in sharing in their trails and travails. Welcome!!!

31 May 2014


It’s time for the Wise Women Awards 2014! That very moment when we go all out to reward those Christian women who have inspired us in many extraordinary ways.
Scheduled to take place in Lagos, Nigeria, this award event is organised by Wisdom for Women International in collaboration with Connecting Hearts Initiative to acknowledge Christian women and their devotion towards improving Christian living.
The event will provide Christian women from across Nigerian and beyond from different denominations, the opportunity to be recognized and nominated for their contributions in the world of work, church and ministry and win an award.
With ten (10) categories in all, you can vote for a strong, motivational and inspirational Christian woman, whose work you want to be recognized. Simply click here: www.wisewomenawardsng.org and register to attend!
Please ensure to get your ticket fast, I got mine already.
Date: Saturday 21st June 2014
Time: 3PM
Venue: Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos

The popularity of the cross-platform messaging app WhatsApp continues to grow in leaps and bounds with the latest revelation that its user base has crossed the 500 million mark. Apparently, these 500 million people are not only registered members but also active users.
The rapid growth of Internet-based messaging app which was snapped up by Facebook in February this year for a whopping sum of $19 billion is nothing short of remarkable. Since its acquisition by the social networking site the company has added 50 million users.
WhatsApp had 200 million users last year in August, but the number swelled to 430 million in January 2014. The instant messaging app reportedly processes 50 billion messages on an average every day and users are sharing 700 million photos and 100 million videos per day.
“Thanks to all of you, half a billion people around the world are now regular, active WhatsApp users. Users are also sharing more than 700 million photos and 100 million videos every single day. We could go on, but for now, it’s more important that we get back to work – because here at WhatsApp, we are just getting started,” read an official company blog post.
The fastest growth has been witnessed in countries like Brazil, India, Mexico, and Russia. Speaking about India alone, the nation constitutes almost 10 per cent (9.6 per cent to be exact) of the total user base of WhatsApp. Currently, India is the single largest country for the company, with the service having 48 million monthly actives users (MAUs). In just two months, the company has added 8 million MAU’s (WhatsApp had 40 million users in India as of Feb 2014).
WhatsApp has achieved these numbers by joining forces with a number of telecom operators in the country including Reliance Communications, Tata Docomo and Uninor. As per, WhatsApp's Neeraj Arora the service in India is gaining 4 million active users every month and that the country’s user base is likely to surpass the 50 million mark in May.Close on heels is Brazil with 45 million actives while Turkey has 14 million active users.
Jan Koum, co-founder of WhatsApp says in a post on company’s blog that they have not made any huge changes in WhatsApp over the last six months, except around 1,000 little bug fixes and improvements. Plans to add a voice calling feature in the app are in the pipeline and features is likely to be rolled out in the next few months.
- See more at: http://www.livepunjab.com/content/whatsapp-popularity-continues-grow-hits-500-million-active-users-111874.html#sthash.RtokJY7Y.dpuf

30 May 2014

Working Mom Banke Meshida Lawal joins Ambassadorial List

Hard Working mother and Make-up artist extraordinaire and Mompreneur -Banke Meshida-Lawal of  BM|Pro has been signed on as a brand ambassador for Guinness Nigeria‘s Baileys. This is a first of its kind and we are quite pleased with the out of the norm (Nollywood)  step which Guinness Nigeria has taken .

The excited Banke announced this news on her Instagram , thus; “#thankful! Had an amazing day today. Bmpro was Signed on as The Baileys Ambassador!!!. #massiveThankyou to Guiness Nigeria Plc ❤️ Our Clients who have been there from the beginning , luv you cos YOU made US! #thankyou! This means #drinksonthe house!!!
The value of this ambassadorial endorsement is not yet known to moms but one thing is sure, the amount really got her smiling to the bank with her make up brushes . Working Moms wishes Momprenuer Banke well and hereby congratulates her for this feat.


After your 8-5 job in the office, you come home and what do you do! You start blogging in the night. Hmmm, I'm I guilty of this?, well em sometimes sha. Are you guilty of this? May be you should just ask your colleague in bed right there lol. If you are a mom that works in bed? - now its time to do it right! Surprise! lots of working moms work whenever and from wherever they can, including their beds. Personally I do it a lot and in the last few weeks I have been having stiff neck. A visit to my doctor revealed that my bed posture is the major cause of my neck pain. If you haven't reached a painful stage like me, I beg you to read this and learn from my experience. If you must burn the midnight oil among your blankets and bolsters, the following tips I will share with you are how to do it without hurting your health—or your relationship.

The truth is that Late-night convos with close colleagues from bed shouldn’t replace pillow talk with your domestic partner. You must set boundaries.  I will urge you to limit working from your love nest to a few times a week, or only when under a tight deadline. Oga will understand deadlines. Save the other nights for, ahem, other things so that God will bless your homely ministry.

Replacing your desk for a fluffy pillow sounds comfortable right, but working from bed can actually lead to bad posture and a stiff neck and back. Prevent slouching with posture-friendly props like your headboard and firm pillows to keep your laptop at desk height and your wrists at a good angle.
Set a reminder to get up and move around or do a light stretch, like a yoga pose or any exercise you are comfortable doing. It can be erotic ones, mbok your ministry will not only be blessed but you will receive serious anointing from man of the house.

SHUT IT DOWN BEFORE A SHUT-EYE. Finish night work at least 30 minutes before snooze time so your mind can de-stress. And pack up your laptop and move all devices to where you can’t see or hear them, since the distracting pings, dings and lights from computers and smartphones can decrease levels of sleep-inducing melatonin. I will suggest you turn them off completely. Hint: Let a real alarm clock wake you, and say goodnight to your phone until morning hahaha. Do you want the real alarm clock? It is right there in your home if you have a new born baby otherwise right me for suggestions on real alarm clocks options lol.
These are a few I could think up, if you have more tips, kindly add to the list. Enjoy your weekend mamas.


19 May 2014


IREDE Foundation's child amputee awareness walk tagged ‘Out-on-a-Limb’, has just been concluded. Working Moms Families were on hand to support the a fellow Working mom and founder of IREDE, Mrs, Crystal Chigbu. Chigbu noted that the Irede Foundation was founded in 2012 to ensure that every child amputee is given a chance to become a champion and live above the limitations of missing limbs whether it is congenital or acquired.
‘Out-on-a-Limb’ initiative is designed to address the first leg of the Foundation’s mission of educating the public about limb loss particularly as it pertains to children, as well as raise N3million from cash gifts for T-Shirts and donations to provide prosthetic limbs for two indigent children amputees.  Inspired by the congenital limb loss of her daughter, Beulah Irede who was born with missing a tibia and patella in her right leg, Chigbu, explained that she and her husband were told that the only option for Beulah for a functionally mobile life was amputation and prosthesis “It took over two years for us to accept the reality, have the surgery and get Beulah prosthesis.” She said. The crux of the matter is this; OUT ON A LIMB was an allround success and we are proud to be part of IREDE's Success Story. Le's do this next year and please do nto forget to donate to IREDE at www.theiredefoundation.org. See more Pictures from the walk after the cut.
L-R Youjay Mbanefo, Crystal Chigbu, Founder IREDE, Kate Henshaw, Actress, Mary Ikoku, Founder, Working Moms Africa
Mary Ikoku, Comedian Ali Baba and Beulah Irede
Ngozi Oguguoh and Mary Ikoku

Kate Henshaw and Praise Fowowe


Awww, how beautiful it is for Super Eagle dad Osaze to hold yet again another tiny feet Theo.
Osaze and Son, Theo Bonding
Footballer, Osaze Odemwingie and his beautiful wife, Sarah Fallon have just welcomed their second child just a year after the arrival of their first baby. The Super Eagles striker revealed the good news a few hours after delivery saying, “my wife underrated Noah’s weight yesterday and today we became a family of 4. The baby arrived 3 weeks before due date ! We named him Theo.”

Theo's birth will now put to rest the tale that the almost two years marriage was troubled.
Odemwingie and his wife tied the knot in May, 2012 and welcomed their first son, Noah, in January 2013. Noah is now an official Big Brother! Working Moms Congratulates the Odemwingie's family.


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