Are you in the habit of rushing to work and equally rushing home because there is so much to do both at home and at work? Ever went to bed tired ignoring so many things in the bedroom and kitchen needing your attention, only to be interrupted a few hours later by the sound from your alarm clock? Do you always leave the house with more chores needing your attention that you carry part of your makeup/shoes and scarves to the office to dress appropriately later? Do you sometimes wish you could be in two or three places all at once? Are you a mother that works? Because if you are, then you'll appreciate and understand why there is a need to talk about how hard each day is for this superwoman called the "working mom".
Working Moms Nigeria is an endeavors to help women strike a healthy balance between earning a living and maintaining a good home.

Dedicated to all the women who are juggling work and family. You too can be a part of this mind boggling experience by joining millions of ‘superheroes out there in sharing in their trails and travails. Welcome!!!

22 November 2011


Good news to Moms, come December18, 2011, a team of young and creative minds will be bringing to our town, a christmas fair! We know that the demands of our works will not allow us the desired time to do early shopping before the usual xmas inflation. But this time around, no more  worries because at Oja-Ara our needs will be taking care of. You wont only shop at the usual price but at a discounted price. 

Oja Ara, a pioneer mini-fair is scheduled to take place on Sunday, 18th of December at the Unity Center Hall, 28B Isaac John Street, GRA Lagos. It promises to be an exciting close to the year reminiscent of walks down the aisle of bazaars and souks in Turkey and Dubai.  
Oja Ara, which means market of wonders, is a one-stop shop for all your Christmas shopping. The best bargains will be available on all items such as women, men and children’s apparel, accessories, beauty products, lingerie, home-ware, laptops and much more, there will also be loads of mouth watering delicacies and drinks. Oja Ara is the perfect gift-shopping destination, and it is absolutely hassle free.
In the spirit of the holidays, our corporate sponsors will be giving out loads of promotional items to visitors at the fair.  Our corporate sponsors include Consolidated Breweries, Maggi, Nestle, Nescafe, House of Tara and many more. You could be one of the lucky winners who will cart away prizes at our raffle draw at the end of the event: you could win marvelous prizes and loads of food items for the holidays. There will also be free makeovers from House of Tara, and much more. 
Oja Ara is an innovative creation of Bukky Imoyo and Amaka Kentebe, they are young entrepreneurs who own Bravado a lingerie retailing outfit and SCUUP, a lifestyle and fashion brand, respectively. 
For information and enquires, email info@scuupng.com or call Bukky: 08023620695. Also follow us on our Facebook group: www.facebook.com/groups/297157110303431


Amid the press crush, the tabloid drivel and the personal empathy I felt for her, I found some time to take an objective review of Kate Henshaw-Nuttal's rumoured divorce and this is what I have to say. 
In our society, there has always been a reprehensible tendency to blame the wife in these situations. We place all kinds of blame on any woman whose marriage has failed.  We say “She's neglectful of her sexual responsibilities”, “She was too young, too old, too busy with career/children”, or “She was not enlightened enough to accept that men are just naturally inclined to spread their seed.”  
It is an insane situation for us women. Some of the women I have dealt with were very good wives who simply ended up with the wrong kind of men. Some were even highly successful yet very submissive to their husbands.  These women were everything you could possibly ask for - beautiful, smart, passionate, talented, interesting...one should be so lucky.  Sex is awesome, flirting is fun and a good woman can offer that and so much more, like the amazing value she brings to raising and sharing a strong family.  I may not be privy to the real reason why Kate and her husband of 12 years may be getting divorced, but I do know as the saying goes, “the thought with which a mad man killed himself, was not formed over one day.”  As a woman, a wife, and a mother of 3 children, I know that before any Nigerian woman contemplates divorce, she would have endured a lot. Some men are true chumps for not valuing the gems in their lives.
Don't get me wrong, I am not an advocate of divorce, but I am really tired of our women living a lie, pretending to be married when there is no connection left with the spouse. A friend once told me that, "Most Nigerian women are not yet self sufficient and that is why the men cheat on them and treat them as they like".  Well I can speak for myself.  I am a Nigerian woman and I am self- sufficient.  I married the man of my dream and he values our relationship.  I know also that a lot of women like me must have seen worse things than Kate in their marriages but they hang in there and never contemplate divorce.  How do I know? The reasons they give for staying in bad marriages: “It is against my faith; because of my children; what will people say; how will I be perceived by the society?”  And so the woman remains in a marriage where she is battered, denied emotional support and disrespected by her spouse.  Some even end up nursing their husbands’ love children, born from the seeds of infidelity... hmm.  So many, like Titi Arowolo have died in the process.  Died from physical and emotional violence and died in their silence.  Some are still alive but shadows of their true selves.  Need I say more?  There has to be a way out when the woman is pushed flat to the wall.

The often blamed culprit for eventual separation is infidelity, on the husbands’ part.  Even then, it has become clear that when high-profile husbands cheat, their wives come under just as much scrutiny. If we take for instance, the news circulating blogsville about Mr. Roderick Nuttal's escapades with women, (latest being that his secretary is 8 months pregnant with his child) Kate Henshaw herself came under attack!  Statements like “She has been too busy with her career.”  “She does not have time for her marriage.”  “She was too busy to know when her husband was slipping out of her hands.”  “She should stick with him for better or for worse.”  Excuse me?  What happened to the vow of fidelity they took?  And even if she had been guilty of neglect, he too had vowed to stick with her through thick and thin.  It’s a two-way street, so no deal on the buck-passing.  Without a doubt, Kate Henshaw loved Roderick Nuttal so much that, from the very beginning of their relationship, she was willing to do whatever it took, including facing the public disapproval of her marriage to a foreigner.  She stood by her guy and, in the beginning, it looked like he stood by her. They didn't expose themselves to her fans, like many celebrities would. Kate and Roderick's marriage was one of the best Nollywood marriages on record. She managed to keep her family away from the public glare.  They had both really set the tone of their love and devotion, their willingness to go the distance to keep their love alive.  Then, the rumours started. Cracks were visible and the lovey-dovey Kate and Roderick ground to a halt.  Now not only is it heart wrenching, but even worse is the humiliation of feeling exposed and looking like a fool in everyone's eyes. While anyone who is dealing with the aftermath of deception goes through this in dealing with their family, friends and colleagues, the magnitude of exposure for a celebrity under the glare of the spotlight can, at times, accelerate the incineration of a marriage. Reading through Kate's Column in the Vanguard, she did explain that celebrities are not superhuman.  They also go through pain and anguish. For some couples who actually fight through it and heal, their marriages get stronger. For others (many others), the hurt, anguish, rejection, and rage from the broken trust are simply too much to overcome.  One of the most painful experiences in life is betrayal. It always triggers the knee jerk response... “How could you do this to me?'

Citing similar international cases, when daily rumors of Ashton Kutcher's dalliances surfaced, Demi Moore's age came under the microscope. Can she ‘keep’ him? Is she just too old for him? Last week Thursday, in a few tactful sentences, she stopped the madness.  
"As a woman, a mother and a wife, there are certain values and vows that I hold sacred, and it is in this spirit that I have chosen to move forward with my life," said Moore in a statement to the press on Thursday.  In addition to making it clear that she was the one ending her six-year marriage to Ashton, she also set the record straight: it's not that she's too old, it's that he's too young.
If her dignified statement didn't make that apparent enough, his follow-up (on Twitter no less) drove the point home: "Marriage is one of the most difficult things in the world". That's all you got, Ashton?
Moore is a veteran of high-profile marriages and weathered her divorce from Bruce Willis, the father of her three daughters, better than any other in the business. They're friends, supporters, and have managed to put their family before their romantic drama. That is, until now.
Moore's brief statement on Ashton's cheating scandal proved she's still putting family before ‘keeping her man.’ And her address belongs in a hall of fame of strong women who've publicly handled their misbehaving husbands with aplomb.

Another case would be Maria Shriver’s. After Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted to fathering a secret love-child with his family's housekeeper, wife Maria Shriver faced criticism of her own. Was she too permissive? How could she not know?
But she combated her critics with actions and a swift statement. She left the couple's home, filed for divorce and said succinctly, "This is a painful and heartbreaking time. As a mother, my concern is for the children." The message: he did this not just to her but to her family.
In public cheating scandals, it's an important delineation to make, and one that rests in the hands of the scorned wife. This is more than a romantic misstep, it's an affront to the family.
While Shriver has avoided bashing her husband publicly, she did get a subtle jab in during Oprah's farewell episodes, praising the talk show host for always telling ‘the truth’.  She said it all without saying anything directly, and as a mother it spoke of her integrity.

Similarly, when John Edwards' long-term affair and secret love-child came to light, his late wife Elizabeth Edwards emerged from the murky waters of her husband's scandal with a graceful statement.  "Our family has been through a lot. Some caused by nature, some caused by human weakness, and some most recently caused by the desire for sensationalism and profit without any regard for the human consequences," she said. "John made a terrible mistake in 2006. The fact that it is a mistake that many others have made before him did not make it any easier for me to hear when he told me what he had done. But he did tell me. And we began a long and painful process in 2006, a process oddly made somewhat easier with my diagnosis in March of 2007."
Like Moore and Shriver, Edwards made it clear it was her husband's own weaknesses that drove him to let their family down. At the same time, she touched on how much more she was grappling with beyond his stupid mistakes.

Tiger Woods' ex-wife Elin Nordgren waited almost a year to craft her public statement to the press about her husband's countless infidelities. As rubber-necks speculated what went wrong and misplaced the blame, (Was she too pretty? Was she not giving him what he needed? Are all men just born cheaters?) Nordgren, quietly waited for the right moment to reveal her feelings about the father of her children. In an interview with People Magazine, she too invoked her family. "For the last three-and-a-half years, when all this was going on, I was home a lot more with pregnancies, then the children and my school," she said, adding, "I also feel stronger than I ever have. I have confidence in my beliefs, my decisions and myself."
So however much hurt the cheated wife feels, she must craft her statements wisely and focus on the greater good of the family than on her own pain.  Such strength!

That said, it really does depend on the two people going through the ordeal.   Couples must evaluate the relationship they have with each other, the love they share, the time and history they have spent together to determine if it is worth it to try to repair the damage.  
Kate now says that she's come to the end of the road, when she tells Encomium "whatever has a beginning must have an end".  It seems that perhaps the obstacles to rebuilding broken trust no longer seem surmountable.  So while Kate may have vowed to marry Roderick for better or worse, he too may have broken those shared vows with her, and it is understandable that, for her own emotional preservation, she is now looking to honour and be true to herself first, even if it means ending her marriage.  This decision appears to have come after a prolonged period of pain, one that Kate has given great thought to and after she gave the marriage the chance to recover.
Sometimes, it is not so much the public humiliation as much as what it means to one's own self esteem that makes all the difference in the end.  So ending the marriage can become the beginning of reclaiming your lost self esteem. Who knows if that's the case here...  Either way, we wish them the best. In a recent interview, Kate said, "Well, I am a well brought up woman.  Marriage or divorce does not define me. I have nothing to prove to anyone. I am strong, confident, and a hard working woman, I will continue to be a good mom to our daughter.”  And that, I think should be the end of that.

To quote a few women who have survived divorce:
“Divorce is never pretty.  As the wife of a man who cheated, it's something that you can never get over. It breaks your heart in two.  I wasn't there for him (his quote), because I was too busy raising his three children (whom he didn't have time for). I wasn't financially sound; I was a house wife for 23yrs.  I left because it never leaves your mind.  Every time he's out somewhere you’re thinking, “Is he with her?” When you take a vow it is supposed to mean something, if you don't plan on keeping it then don’t take it.  It's just not the person that you’re married to, it's the whole family that gets destroyed in the process.  And for what?  Just because his ego was hurt, or because he was going through a mid-life crisis?  Whether you’re male or female cheating breaks the heart, in the most devastating way.”

“Unless you have been there, you can't understand what it takes to move on. Betrayal is the worst possible feeling. When you are married and have trusted and depended on this person, to suddenly know that someone else was sharing his thoughts and love, (it's not all about the physical) you are hurt in a way you never thought possible. Being through it I can only explain it as; your past is a lie, your present is in turmoil and your future is uncertain. The fault lies totally on the cheater. Divorce if you are unhappy and then move on.”

Kate and Roderick on her 40th Birthday Celebration.
WM will like to know your opinion about this divorce event, Please send in your comments.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Working Mothers

When you are working through university or in the early years of your career, your life can feel pressure packed and often a little overwhelming. Fast forward through maternity and you'll have a good idea of what "overwhelming" really feels like, as you try to balance motherhood with your career aspirations. Working mums face an unenviable challenge, as they have to strive for efficiencies in so many aspects of their daily lives. They have to be able to balance their career with what their clients, bosses and fellow workers expect of them along with the considerable challenge of raising a happy family. Little wonder that many working mums in this situation have to leverage their career for the family or vice versa.
There are certain traits that all highly effective working mums share. They have taken a step back and observed themselves with a "wide angle lens" to help them get a different perspective on their challenges and put a plan in place. Here are the seven habits that we've noticed that highly effective working mums practice. As a working mum, you can make use of services that provide professional coaching for women to take you from overwhelm to "whelm" and build a support and accountability structure.
Habit 1 - Learn and practice time management: There are only 24 hours in the day, but we need many more. Unless you know of any plan to change this soon, you're going to have to make do with the 24, like everybody else! We hear during professional coaching sessions, seminars and talk shows that, one of the main habits of highly effective people is good time management, and this is goal number one for the working mum. Sit down in a quiet room with several sheets of paper and analyze all your responsibilities. This means everything! Write down how long each task or role takes you, and when you have finished add it all up. Your next job is to realistically condense it all into a manageable timeframe, giving you adequate time for each. Once you have your time management plan in place, you must stick to it like glue.
Habit 2 - Set your routine: It's important to have some sort of routine. Some of us don't like to be structured in this way, but if you are to become a highly efficient working mum you must do so. If you take one step at a time, complex tasks often feel a lot easier and this is definitely the case here. Turn away from that feeling of being overwhelmed and put one foot in front of the other. Establish a routine, which may take a couple of weeks to do, but once you have done so, your day should be a whole lot easier.
Habit 3 – Focus: Know that procrastination can be the enemy of efficiency. You have to avoid distractions. Hopefully, as part of your time management plan, you will have allocated a small amount of time per day or per week for things that you could classify as "other." Don't expand this time unnecessarily and don't be tempted to run off for a quick lunch with a colleague/friend/ neighbour, unless it has already been built into your time management schedule, of course!
Habit 4 - Develop your productive space: Whilst you may be quite productive if you work away from home or at the office, if you are a work from home mum you had better ensure that your working space is very productive, comfortable and remote. Try your best to utilise a room which is not used for any other purpose, which can be closed off if needed, and try not to use your work computer for any leisure purposes. Work at home mums have to be even stricter about their time management, as there are so many other distractions around them.
Habit 5 - Don't forget your fitness: All the planning in the world is no good if you find that you're getting more and more "rundown", and you find that you don't have the energy necessary to undertake your daily life. When you're planning your time management, allow for daily exercise routines. Go for a walk or run, dance around the house or get your bicycle out and go for a ride; either way this time cannot be compromised. Look at it as "fuel" for all the rest of your day.
Habit 6 - Maintain a support group: While you may know who to turn to at work for help should you need it, sometimes you just need support and help in the act of life itself. If you know someone else who is in a similar position, then you can support each other. Gather together as many trusted friends and/or relatives as you can, and don't be afraid to lean on them during the times when it can all seem to get too much. Professional coaching may also provide the support you really need in this time of your life.
Habit 7 - Reward yourself: Remember that you need to look after yourself first, and while you're doing a great job of balancing your career with motherhood, there must be some time for yourself. What do you really love to do? Whatever it is, plan "good time" for yourself in your schedule. In this way, if things get particularly challenging for some reason, you will have something to look forward to. It is so important to acknowledge yourself - you're not an automaton - even working mums need a reward!

18 November 2011



It was tragic fate at its cruellest form. Tears cascaded down many cheeks as people wailed and gnashed their teeth. The remains of Titilayo Arowolo, the slain banker, who was allegedly murdered by her jobless spouse, Akolade Arowolo, on June 24 this year, were committed to mother earth on Wednesday at Atan Cemetery, Yaba Lagos.

Twenty years ago, Titi’s mum had been buried in the same cemetery.
Titilayo, until her death, was an employee of Skye Bank, Marina, Lagos. Her corpse was discovered a day after she was murdered on her husband’s 30th birthday at their Isolo, Lagos, home

The officiating priest, Pastor Charles Ayo Binitie, the deceased’s family pastor, and a close friend to Titilayo’s father, had many people sobbing and dabbing at their eyes with handkerchieves as he spoke during the service.
Binitie said he was saddened by the fact that he presided over the funeral ceremonies of both the deceased and her late mother, Mrs. Helen Folake Oyakhire, who passed on 20 years ago.

The cleric wondered why fate was so cruel to Titilayo and her surviving daughter, Olamide, who were both denied their mother’s care in their childhood. Recalling that Titi was just nine when her own mother died, he said he was very sad when he was called upon again by his friend 20 years later, to perform the same burial rites for the slain banker.
Pastor Binitie of House of Reconciliation Ministry said watching the deceased grow from a child into a woman until she was snatched away by a violent death was traumatic. He informed Daily Sun that he actually collected the deceased’s dowry on her father’s behalf. “I have watched her grow and it is unfortunate that I had to organise her burial like I did for her mum 20 years ago,” he lamented.

The man of God said the only product of the union, Olamide Arowolo, was living more with her maternal grandfather and her mother’s family before her mum’s death. “She is very much at home there. She has been enrolled in a school and she doesn’t even know what is going on but she has been asking for her mum,” he said.
He also spoke on the relationship between the deceased’s family and the family of the accused.

“The family of the accused has made reconciliatory moves but the matter is still in court because there is a case to answer with the state government. It is a homicide case that has been established due to the autopsy results. The accused claimed the deceased stabbed him and killed herself but the result of the pathological test proved otherwise. The stab wounds on her head alone cannot be inflicted by the deceased herself and the accused was the last person to see her alive. The death certificate made available to the family revealed that she was stabbed repeatedly until she gave up the ghost.”

He also revealed that Akolade’s mother has made moves to apologise to the Oyakhires. “She has called upon the church to help plead on behalf of her family. She asked for reconciliation but it was made clear to her that the Oyakhires do not hate the Arowolos. The deceased’s family is just demanding that justice be done and the case is not abandoned. The Oyakhires love them as Christians but we are not ready for them to take the only child of that marriage. The child is safe and well taken care of by her maternal family. We are not even ready to consider it let alone discuss it because it is not possible.

“Up till this moment, the Lagos State Government has been co-operating with the Director for Public Prosecution (DPP), and the press has done a good job publicising this case and justice is taking its course. The police are still keeping behind some information but I know that we are working on that to make sure nothing is hidden from the public regarding Titi’s murder. It is possible that the accused family members are here today but I can’t really say this person is a member of his family. It was published in some national dailies that the deceased would be buried on Wednesday and they did not indicate interest that they would attend the burial, neither were they identified in church as present during the burial.

“I am happy at the way the Nigerian press took this case. They made so much noise about it that if anyone were passing through domestic violence, she would know what to do and how to go about it. It has gotten to the level where we as pastors should advise any woman being abused constantly by her husband to leave him for some time because it is better for a woman to live as a single woman than to die as a married woman. If it was possible for us to have told the deceased to leave her husband for some time until he changed, it would have been better than burying her at 29.”
Binitie also gave a brief insight into the person of the deceased.

“She was a gentle girl, who lost her mum at nine and became a mum to her siblings and a wife to her father. Her father remarried 10 years after he lost her mum and Titilayo was the one who encouraged the dad to get married again. She was instrumental to the upbringing of her siblings and took care of her family members. She was a loving person, who was brought up in the way of the Lord. It is unfortunate that in marriage, she made a mistake that claimed her life. It’s so sad.”

Also speaking, Rev. Sylvester Aigbirion, who runs Christ Passion for Souls Ministry, said violence in all forms would reduce if people had a strong relationship with God. “Christianity is not a religion but a relationship with God,” he asserted. “Anyone who professes to know God would not have been able to kill someone else in cold blood. If someone has a relationship with God truly, he won’t be able to harm his neighbour not to talk of his own flesh and the mother of his kid.”

Aigbirion, whose ministry trains pastors, evangelists and others, teaching God’s word, among other duties further noted: “We are praying that justice will be done in this case but you cannot predict what man will try to do to cover the truth. The Bible says that the heart of man is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked. They can try to turn it around and hide the truth. If anyone tries that, God’s justice is greater than that of any man. You can escape the law but you cannot escape God’s judgement. He is a fair judge. We have seen it happen. People escape the law but before they die, they cannot escape God’s judgement. We hope that justice will be done in this case.”
The late Titi’s immediate younger sister, Aidehi Oyakhire, said though Titi had been buried, the family was still enveloped in sorrow.

Her words: “We had good memories together and that is what has been keeping me sane. The last time we saw, we were planning how we would mark her 30th birthday on April 9, next year. I didn’t know she would leave so soon. When the hymns were being sung at the graveside, a lot of things came to my mind. She was a caring mother who called us every day to speak to her daughter because she (the daughter) stays with us. Everyone that went to her place to take care of the baby while she went to work had problems with her husband so, we decided to take the little girl, Olamide, to stay with us,” she said.

Aidehi said the family was aware that she was in danger while living with her husband because of the extent of the abuse she suffered in his hands but she said no one expected what eventually happened. “We were aware that he was violent towards her but she kept telling us she was hoping for the better. We are surprised that our sister was killed on our younger sister’s birthday because the accused shares the same birthday with one of our sisters.”

The lady regretted that the police had not been too open to the family in their investigations. She said it was unfortunate that the family was not told when the pathologist’s result was released. She, nonetheless, expressed hope that justice would be done so that Titilayo would not have died in vain.

Source: Sun News

07 November 2011

Over 136 Dead in Yobe Boko Haram Attacks

BOKO HARAM: Church Bomb attack killing 100s and injuring many in Yobe, 92 Bodies spotted. PHOTO: Bodies of some of the dead.

Mothers and children who have taking refuse to a police station.
I hope this is a nightmare. Are we back to 1966? No no not again. "The SECURITY and welfare of the people shall be the purpose of government" section 14(2)b CFRN 1999. Nigerian Leaders where are you? Please do something and do it quick to curb this killings. Look at our women and children, they are the worst affected in a time like this. Where do we go from here?


POWERFUL: New Born Twin Sisters Perform Wonders in Hospital

Twin girls - Brielle and Kyrie - were born 12 weeks ahead of their due date. Needing intensive care, they were placed in separate incubators. Kyrie began to gain weight and her health stabilized. But Brielle had trouble breathing; heart problems and other complications. She was not expected to live.

Their nurse did everything she could to make Brielle’s health better, but nothing she did was helping her. With nothing else to do, she went against hospital policy and place both babies in the same incubator. She left the twin girls to sleep only to return and found a sight she could not believe. She called all the nurses and doctors and the picture above is what they saw.

As Brielle got closer to her sister, Kyrie put her small little arm around her, as if to hug and support her fragile sister. From that moment on, Brielle’s breathing and heart rate stabilized and her health became normal... What a wonderful twin!

Nigerian Nurse's Licence Withdrawn In UK For Calling on Jesus For Help

A 51 year old Nigerian-born UK resident nurse, Omolayo Abayomi, has had her Nurse's licence withdrawn by the UK Nursing and Midwifery Council for throwing her hands into the air and begging for Jesus to help, as a baby she was supposed to be taking care of suffered a heart attack. Omolayo Abayomi 'panicked' when the child, who suffered from a chronic lung disease, turned blue and stopped breathing in his cot at home. The nurse called for divine intervention more than 20 times before the vulnerable boy's mother told her to 'shut up'. Giving evidence, a tearful, the child's mother said Abayomi had effectively 'abandoned' her during the incident.

'The nurse was constantly saying "Jesus help him" and waving her arms around,' she said. 'She said it more than 20 times. I felt I had to do everything - at that point she was doing nothing to help my son. 'She never offered to take the lead at any point and at no point did she suggest calling 999.'I can't change what's happened to my son, I know I did the best for him but the nurse just completely abandoned her duty.'If I can save just one other person from having to go through what we have been through, then that's what I want to do.'

This is so pathetic, but I could tell that  what this nurse has done is just a reflection of where she is coming from. I was in London last month and to my surprise, the way the Nigerians in London carry on with their religion also baffle me. They do not talk nor behave like people who live in a country where things are working. How can someone live in London and have electricity, water, and food as a prayer point? No! sister, your prayers will definitely be different from mine.  I live in a country where we have all failed ourselves, so we are only left with God to come to our aid for almost everything.  Government refused to be responsible, parents have refused to be parents as children just grow as they deem fit, our leaders are looting, Bank executives are busy, the common man is also busy, who will then save this land if not God? So that explains the increase in the number of churches, Churches becomes hospitals and a place for everything we need. No wonder our dear Omolayo Abayomi decided to be a Nigerian even though she lives and practices in the UK. 

Moms Please let us be watchful when in the hospital especially in a time like this. One would have thought that the babies parents would have been the ones praying while our sister Omolayo gives her own as a nurse.  While I sympathize with the parents of the dead child, I will also like to say that Omolayo did what she felt was necessary and could help in this situation. She cried to God for help because she believes in miracle. She may have reacted in an unprofessional manner but it was not in bad taste. I really wish she will get back her license. 

My question to you, Dear readers, do you think that Nurse Omolayo Abayomi deserves what she got, Let me know your take on this. 

Mary Ikoku


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