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20 April 2011

How A Working Mom Can Spend More Time With Her Kids.

BY: Mary J.

As thousands of working mothers strive to help provide for the needs of their family, they are faced with all the household responsibilities too. And most importantly -- spending time with their kids.

It has been a proven fact that children who have been with mother through their young years generally develop emotional strength. The ability to face life's challenges with self confidence and understanding are far greater.

You compare this to a child that has been tended at a day care, or just left at home with an older sibling, it is very plain to see they lack the needed emotional strength that a mother naturally develops in her child as he or she grows.

The security of knowing mom is right there when you need her is vital to the security of a child. And when mom is not there - which happens when mother must go to work, it has more of an impact on the child than we know.

Now, I am not a professional in child development, but just state these facts as part of my own experience

Of necessity I am a working mother like many of you, yet I want to be there for my little girl. So I have done several things to help keep that connection open. Here are a few ideas for you:

1. If you must have them tended - use a relative

2. Get a cell phone for you and your child (if they are old enough)

3. Call multiple time in a day - talk right to your child

4. Bring little things home to your child

5. When you get home, spend quality time with your child

These are just a few things I have found help enormously. Calling and checking up on them through the day helps them to feel like you care. Have your kids do project to show you when you come home. When you are with them after work show a genuine interest in their school work, the projects they are doing, etc.

Yes, we moms also have other things to do at home like making meals, washing laundry, house cleaning, etc, etc. The list could go on forever. Most of us can't afford to spend money on housecleaning or maid service, so here are some things that might help streamline the home duties so you can put more time in with your kids:

1. Make fast, nutritious meals

2. Wash laundry more often and do it at night when the kids are asleep

3. Learn to clean up after yourself - this keeps the house clean

I hope you working mothers will find some useful information here and I hope the best for you and your family


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