Are you in the habit of rushing to work and equally rushing home because there is so much to do both at home and at work? Ever went to bed tired ignoring so many things in the bedroom and kitchen needing your attention, only to be interrupted a few hours later by the sound from your alarm clock? Do you always leave the house with more chores needing your attention that you carry part of your makeup/shoes and scarves to the office to dress appropriately later? Do you sometimes wish you could be in two or three places all at once? Are you a mother that works? Because if you are, then you'll appreciate and understand why there is a need to talk about how hard each day is for this superwoman called the "working mom".
Working Moms Nigeria is an endeavors to help women strike a healthy balance between earning a living and maintaining a good home.

Dedicated to all the women who are juggling work and family. You too can be a part of this mind boggling experience by joining millions of ‘superheroes out there in sharing in their trails and travails. Welcome!!!

29 July 2011


 All work and no play makes Jane a dull girl! We recognize the need to find time out of our busy schedule to unwind. Some time a go we had a beach party, it wasn't just us ladies but with our kids and spouses.  Nothing like family fun. Care to join in our fun? u need to contact us or join our community to know when our next get away will be......Go to www.meetup.com/nigeria-moms-meet-up-group to be part of our events. Enjoy pictures of our past Beach party! XoXo

28 July 2011


Up and Coming Artist Studd is billed to perform at the Lagos Moms meet up. Studd is the fresh voice of RnB Hip hop in Nigeria. This young man has added yet another dimension to the Nigeria entertainment scene. Talented Lagos born Ugochukwu Dimgba aka Studd who hails from Abia State will be on hand to trill Lagos mom with his music. His song "Oh dem girls" which was mastered and produced by Sossick, producers of Dagrin, is receiving a lot of airplay. Studd has featured in various albums to his credits are featuring in Gino's album (pain Plus) and Voice over for Shank and Samclef. He is going to take over the Nigeria music scene very soon. Working moms Nigeria is proud to associate with this young success. He is highly anticipated! Be there, don't wait to be told!


I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to YOU all who have shown me love and concern by wishing me a happy birthday.  I want to let you know that your showers of love to me are all humbly accepted. Let me specially thank Kate, Ego and Chinelo  for finding time from their very busy schedule to be with me on my special day. You ladies rock! Hey you all at TVC who celebrated me on air, Ify nwanyi oma, and her crew, I love you too too mush. The wishes started coming in on the 25th of July and I said to my self, is this person aware of my birthday. But they didn't stop coming. 26th the eve of my day was something else, then today my special day became really overwhelming. I couldn't reply every one. The BB end was another thing altogether. My phone still beeps, calls kept coming what about my email? Hmm! then I asked myself, what have I done to deserve all these love?  Today I understand the saying that success have so many relations. And I add that failure must be an orphan.. To you all my friends; My wish for every one of you is that you will remain great and successful. I am truly humbled by all your birthday greetings, calls, BB DP messages, texts, emails and visits. Really, for me this season is a blissful one having to be alive and healthy amidst the ceaseless hurdles and dramas of life.  Today I witness  another year being added to me- It’s a thing of joy for me really. I am grateful to God almighty who has preserved my life and that of my family till this day. I also have the assurance that He will continue to keep me strong in health now and always in Jesus name, Amen! Did I forget to mention my bobos, Chiboy, Zika, Uche and Mazi, yes my boys woke me up in the morning of my special day to sing happy birthday song to me. I wonder what life would bee without my 4 solid angels.

On the flip-side however, it is also a moment for sober reflection; a period where I am engaging my thoughts and going down memory lane, connecting the previous with the present and bidding to envision the future and what it all will entail. Decades back when I was still growing as a little girl, having completed elementary school and in my high school years or thereabout, I had nursed the ambition of taking the lead and mentoring my dear Nigerians into a painless array of national unification, good leadership and progress. I had in mind the wish to communicate and help people understand each other better and learn from one another the cultures, values and ethics of our various tribes and see this as uniqueness other than predicament or a reason for disagreement, nepotism or prejudice; an African nation where black signifies strength, empathy and knowledge.  Having read a lot about African Legends and their mind-blowing works from Political, Social, Science, Music, Theatre, Arts, Literature and so on. The likes of Nelson Mandela,  Dr. Aggrey, Dr. Alvan Ikoku, Prof. Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka, Thabo Mbeki and a host of all others who had constantly fronted their national interest instead of their tribalistic or personal interest,  one can readily say that the thirst for transparency and doing what was right tickled me knowing how these people decorated their national pride and did exploit in their various fields.  I’m talking about people who recognize themselves first as a body instead of poles apart or units- I mean seeing yourself first as a Nigerian, before you can now say I’m Ijaw, Itsherkiri, Igbo, Yoruba, Ishan, Hausa and others.
This black race (Nigeria) has come a long way to still dwell in doldrums and in the confines of hope and its unsettling assurances that has never been kind.  A lot has occurred; wars, assertions, violence, promises, reforms, declarations, just so much to learn from and improve on that at this juncture of our struggle we should be thinking of stepping even higher instead of squatting in the mud. Daily we experience debase for morals and discipline, neglect for the poor and needy, irrelevant acclaims by uprising political wanna-bees, economic and cyber crime, funds mismanagement and ridiculous lootings by opportunists in government positions and authority, encroachment of the judiciary and the constitution, so much lawlessness and deprivation in the land. More recently, a delirious  and fearless religious sect sprung from the North making visible their potency for utter destruction and also posing horrific their threat to the Nigerian people especially those in government and place of authority who are in their bad books- The Almighty Boko Haram. Could we say that the insurgency issues and terrorist attacks in the Middle East- Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Arab enclave and beyond have gradually crept into Nigeria? Everyone is so insecure, we now live like fish out of water. Anything goes in Nigeria, ‘Suffering and smiling’ is the keyword, whether bad or good, Nigerians still live and many still die and the poor mostly are suffering with women and children the key victims.
Where are we going? What is the government up to and what are the people doing?  Do we still have hope in our fatherland?  Is this the Nigeria of our dream? Please, reflect on these with me. God bless you.

Mary Ikoku

22 July 2011


The meet up will bring working mothers from varying career backgrounds and status  in an atmosphere of fun, Teaching and Interaction, knowing that when women gather for a good cause they will do greater exploits in their homes, offices and life.  This Just Us Moms event is slated to hold this July 31, 2011 for about FOUR (4) hours at the Sparkle Event Centre, Joel Ogunaike Street, GRA, Ikeja with the theme: BALANCING YOUR ROLE AS A 21st CENTURY MOM..
Speaking at this years Meet up amongst others are 3 great speakers. These distinguished Moms are:

• Mrs. Ini Onuk- A woman devoted to helping people unlock their God given Potentials, Mrs Onuk is  Founder and CEO of Thirstle Practix, one of Nigeria's foremost Management Consulting firm. She is the immediate past Executive Secretary of WIMBIZ

• Kate Henshaw-Nuttal- An energetic speaker needs no introduction, she is one tough mom on stage and at home. She speaks about being a 21st century mom. Kate  is a Celebrity Mom and Actress.
• Mrs. Edna Obaze- A dynamic speaker on Child's Education and Mentoring, with a passion for seeing young generation  give life to their ideas. She is the Executive Director of Emerald Schools, Lagos.
Together these fine minds would be addressing this rare gathering of Moms on
Moms Role Balancing,
Moms place in Child education,
Moms in d 21st Century,
Marriage and the place of
The event have been put together by Working Moms Magazine in partnership with Chanterell Events, Lise Beauty Range, BebeakinboadeBlog, Finess, Kiss Group, Enthyst, and Access Media ltd.

Tell other MOMS about this! Don't forget The only acceptable attitude:"Fun n Enjoyment" 

19 July 2011


On Sunday the 31st day of July, 2011, there will be a gathering of moms in Lagos at Sparkle Multi-purpose Hall, Plot 118B, Joel Ogunnaike Street, GRA, Ikeja by 3pm.

The event “Just Us Moms” with theme- ‘Balancing Your Role as A 21st Century Mom’ is an expositional talk show featuring high profile and successful working moms in Nigeria. It shall be an educative and interactive session where the speakers shall be unravelling and giving useful tips, proffering solutions and offering much needed advises on how working moms can strike a healthy balance between their work, family and life. More so, the audience can actively participate in the question and answer sessions and also contribute to topics that were discussed.

It will be an evening of fun, comedy, music, fashion show and glamour. Additionally, moms will have the opportunity to network with other hot moms. Those in businesses will also get the chance to showcase and introduce their products and services to other invited moms.

Talking about the event Mrs Mary Ikoku said "We mothers wear so many hats this days that it has almost become impossible for us to give ourselves a treat; Moms in Lagos are facing a unique kind of stress, therefore this is a 'Give moms a break' kind of event. We are coming together to discuss about  balancing our roles as mothers. It is an evening of fun so the only acceptable attitude for this event is 'I am here to unwind amidst fun and laughter'.  'No holds barred' shopping and meet and greet at the event will be awesome. I can't wait!

Amidst a plethora of intelligent speakers are Mrs. Ini Onuk, the C.E.O of Thistle Praxis Consulting and Immediate past Executive Secretary of WIMBIZ, Mrs. Edna Obaze, Executive Director of Emerald Schools and Star-actress/Celebrity mom, Mrs. Kate Henshaw-Nuttal. 

This event is the first in the series of events leading to the Nigeria Moms Summit 2012. They will be a replication of the Moms Meet up in Abuja, Kano, Enugu and Port harcourt before the end of 2011.
The event sponsors include; Finesse, Nepal Oil and Gas, Lise Beauty Range, Chanterell Events, Latobak International, Kiss Group. This event is powered by Access Media Ltd, Working Moms Magazine, Integrated Quest Public Relations.

17 July 2011


Emerald School Kids drawing while the School ED watched
This past weeks have been full of activities for me. From my kids class assemblies to Parents Teachers Forums, from PTA AGM to Graduation ceremony, gosh! why cant I be excused from all of this. Besides I am expected to run my PR business, sign up new clients, meet deadlines and be a loving wife and caring mom. Getting married nobody tells you about the hard task of running a home. Now my greatest nightmare, end of term is almost here. At the end of this week, all my four sons will be home, do I need to talk about their activities? No, I don't think so. Im sure you already know how gentle boys can be. The schools have a way of relieving parents, at least the hour they spend at school give a window to do other things, get some sleep and sanity. Now end of term and a long vacation for that matter, I will be having all kids at home and no school at all. The summer schools are short hours and creates it's own summer wahala .... let me stop winning abeg.
Natural antithesis is a good description for working moms and end of school term : a sweaty race against time to show that we are really competent child-rearers, despite evidence to the contrary.
I set off last week to look at the Sparkle Hall for our July 31st Moms Meet-Up, only to receive a phone call informing me that my presence was required at my sons school, yes the one that will be graduating from the reception class. I had signed up to participate at the graduation ceremony as a compere, see trouble! I must have accepted this role in my moment of madness. What was I thinking.
It may be normal to feel a sneaky dread about the approach of the long holidays, but that's nothing compared to the constantly harried feeling of the final week of school. Teachers know this and can exact revenge for all those days we sent them in with toothpaste stained uniform. If you have been sucked into fee-paying schools like my husband and I, a large part of you wishes to shout back that the reason you can't attend the school event of the week is that you are damn well busy working to pay them. Hello! some body feeling me! Many of this private schools still deem working mom to be a bit of an aberration.
You hear statements like "Such a shame you can't be with us for parents' day," trills a note from the big school, closely followed by a pathetic plea from a shiny-eyed primary child to appear at assembly at office meeting time, in order to watch a 45-minute Kabuki drama about Responsibility. Well did anybody send me, shebi the government owned institutions are there! Please I am not complaining oh! It's just that sometimes, I wonder why the schools task us parents so much, even when they know that we go out everyday to look for money to pay them.
One's own irresponsibility looms large and painful. At this time of year the full secret ambitions of the maternal tribe are laid bare. I've met some moms who make those wretched Tiger moms look like softies, videoing every performance in the year-end concert. Worse still, they probably do watch it afterwards and draw up a league table. 
This year, inspiration struck. As soon as the term is over, we will pack the high-octane sons off to an Igbo and French language classes, where someone who isn't us will have the delight of occupying them for 6 hours a day. Easy-peasy. That should fit nicely into the holiday jollyment slot in the week.
I asked one of the heads at an Emerald School fifth form what they do for end of term. A puzzled smile descended. "We give them a certificate and send them home," he replied. The school run to Ifako suddenly sounds quite tempting. scheeeeeeeew! What about you, do you prefer your kids at home or just like me you are recognizing the natural antithesis and not liking End of school Term.

13 July 2011



Working Moms ponders more on Omozojie's death. One tough working mom in the banking sector, her death and all the sad event surrounding it. Titilayos's body still unburied, case still undecided and with tears in our eyes we ask; will justice be done? Only recently Titi's husband/killer decided to speak to the Nigerian media, he claims that his wife killed herself and even cut him severally in the process. God! could this be true? Kolade said he is a pastor yet he had a steady girlfriend but got another woman (Titi) pregnant which was the reason he was pressured to marry her. Crap! According to him, he had been having serious issues with the deceased over their marriage before that fateful day that she ended up killing herself, after stabbing him too. Hmmm! Can this be true? Arowolo said the deceased acted under the influence of demons that took over her body and turned her into another person entirely. He said: "The woman was possessed that day and while we were quarreling, she went into the kitchen and brought out a knife with which she overpowered me and then began to stab me all over my body and head". The next thing I saw, she started stabbing herself repeatedly with the knife while telling me that she was tired of the marriage and that since I did not want to let her go, she will kill me and then kill herself.”  Chei! and he wants us to believe this! I asked others who read Arowolo's defense what they feel and below are  their various Reactions To Arowolo's Defence:
Yinka Akintunde: "This Story from Arowolo does not hold at all, Titi sustained at least 20 stab wound on her head; it is practically impossible to inflict multiple stab wound on oneself talk less of on the head. In self inflicted wound, the first fatal wound with the accompanying pain will trigger parasympathetic reaction hence greatly reduce the victim's capacity to do more. It is also anatomically impossible to inflict multiple wounds on ones head save the vertex or the neck, even at that it can't be multiple.  Saying "am a pastor" stinks please, stop that forth with; you are not even godly seeing you impregnated the poor lady while dating someone else you claimed you wanted to marry. All of the defences you are putting up now are after thoughts which are hollow and callous at best; calling your wife a demoniac is sad. Face the music, get the rope and be hanged; if you repent while in trial you can be forgiven by God but the law must still take its course". 

FESTUS: "This chap has forgotten that he was not talking to his clansmen. Self preservation is the first instinct of man (and even animals). Those who commit suicide does it in a quick manner so that the pain if it exists at will be brief. For someone to have stabbed herself many times, hammered herself severally in her husband's presence with no attempt to overpower her, while the first reaction of the husband was to lock the door and run away for 3 days before he was captured, begs for reasoning.Autopsy report will support the charge of this blatant murder. This guy should not have allowed himself to be overwhelmed with frustration".

Kemmy A, TITI'S SCHOOL MATE:"This is absolute crap!! I attended university in Edo state with omozojie and she never displayed any of these character this young man is saying... she was extremely meek and one would think a man that finds her(a good wife) will bless God all his life!! I have had direct info from her family as well regarding this..How can sum1 stab her eye, cut her breast off and use a hammer on herself!!! she would have died after the first 2 stabs!! What i believe is that Kolade disguised as a Pastor (the kind of man Omo would have loved to marry) not knowing he was a woman beater and a monster in disguise. a jobless graduate who the law has presented now to appear instead as the killer but a suspect who has been charged on one-count of murder. Arowolo killed my friend his 29-year-old wife in cold blood at their No. 8 Akindehinde Street, Isolo, a suburb of Lagos, on Saturday, June 24. I can't be wrong on this. I know Titi.

WMN: "My people listen; it is best for the woman to stay out and live, than to stay in and die. The dead cannot speak, just like Titi cannot come back to tell us that Kolade is telling a lie. I am heart broken, many moms are sad and devastated. Nigerians, her family members, friends and colleagues of late Titilayo still long to hear the outcome of the case. To those who are still seconding the fact that Titi killed herself, these pictures that had been taken at the scene of the event should go a long way in accentuating the fact which remains that the deceased was murdered by someone. Quality reasoning and pragmatic judgement would simply tell you that no woman would want to do this to herself.  A woman with a great job (a banker with Skye Bank),  and one with bright future and purpose in life. I believe that suicidal attempts would be the last thing on her mind. Titi really had no reason to take her own life as we were meant to believe. 
Her chest showing her breast cut off

Titi's dismembered body

Her mutilated hands

Her face showing her eyes gouging
Generally, nobody including the law has been able to disapprove or approve the assertions of Nigerians especially those that have constantly rained heavy curses on Kolade saying that he killed his wife. Perhaps all that the people want to see is  "Justice…” that final verdict from the judge predicating justice for the wasted Titi. That will at least send some message of 'victory'  to angry Nigerians and concerned folks who have been giving their says on the matter.

According to The Nation Newspapers:

Akolade Arowolo, the 30-year-old suspected of killing his banker wife, Titilayo (29), was on Friday, June 9 ordered to be remanded in prison by the Magistrate Court in Yaba, Lagos.

The order by Magistrate Mrs. Demi Ajayi was sequel to his appearance in court. He was taken to court by the Police, who filed a one-count charge of murder against him. He was, however, not arraigned as the Magistrate chose to refer the case to the state’s Directorate of Public Prosecutions for advice. The magistrate also said in view of the nature of the case, relating to murder, the accused person should be remanded in prison.The charge reads: "That you Arowolo Akolade, on June 24, 2011, at about 1.30pm, at Isolo Lagos, in the Lagos Magisterial District, did unlawfully kill one Arowolo Omozoje ‘female’ by stabbing her with a knife, thereby committing an offence punishable under section 319 (1) of the Criminal Code Cap C-17, Vol. 11, laws of Lagos State of Nigeria 2003."

A man identified as Mr. Arowolo, who claimed to be the accused’s father, wept profusely all through the court proceedings.The father, who spoke with journalists after the proceedings, said he was aware that his son had been abusing his wife and had on many occasions intervened. He added that the last time he learnt that Akolade physically abused his late wife, he decided not to intervene anymore. "I have not seen Akolade and Titilayo since January. I decided to stop intervening because I was tired of settling their disputes."So, the last time I was told that Akolade had beaten Titilayo up, I decided I wouldn’t interfere. In fact, in my heart, I was hoping they would just get a divorce. "It was with dismay that I received news that Akolade had killed his wife. Titilayo was such a nice lady. She used to call my wife a lot because they were quite fond of each other. "Some months before this tragic incident, we tried calling her but unfortunately, her phone never went through. It was only later that we discovered that she had changed her phone number." Arowolo pleaded with the immediate family of the deceased to forgive his son for his deed. The magistrate, however, ordered Akolade to be remanded in the Ikoyi prisons.

The case was adjourned to September 9, 2011 for further hearing.

08 July 2011


“ABOUT TO WED “and “JUST WEDDED” bore the plate number inscription of Arowolo Akolade and Titilayo who had jollied and leaped in unquantifiable joy when they made marriage vows and swore to life-long pain and happiness right before the presiding pastor or whoever had joined them as husband and wife, on their wedding day. Little did Titilayo know that all of those promises  by Arowolo  were only a master plot to lure her to  a cocoon of torment characterized by  pain and domestic unrest which will finally lead to her untimely demise. Arowolo Akolade wedded Titilayo in a church like every other couples do, just 2 years ago. Certainly, he had proposed to her, made lovely promises and sweet-tongued her into accepting his marriage proposal and arguably asked her to come live with him as a wife and a partner, to make children and build a home together. All of these may have sounded pleasant in Titi’s ears or at least sounded responsible. She jumps into the marriage, hopeful and anticipating a marriage that would be built around love, happiness and all that there is in the union God himself had originally blessed. Just like every newly married woman would, Titi had hoped for a marriage that will give her fulfillment as she actually does well in her career as a bank worker with the Skye Bank in Victoria Island Lagos. Titi was a good wife who supported her husband financially and otherwise. She was the bread winner in her home and this she did with no air. All she desired was a good and lasting marriage not death.
The gruesome end of Titilayo Omo Arowolo, who was allegedly stabbed to death by her husband, Akolade Arowolo would probably make some people say that life was cruel to her. 
Titilayo was just nine years old when her mother died while giving birth to a baby that consequently became the last child of the family. After her mother’s painful exit, her father, Pa Oyakhire, a Customs officer, practically transferred the love he had for his late wife to Titilayo because of two compelling reasons: she was the first child of the family and manifested all the characteristics of her late mother, who was said to be humane, very reserved and compassionate – almost to a fault.

Though Titi looked every inch like her father, Titilayo’s dad simply found a replacement of his dear wife in his daughter. Determined to give his children the best he could afford, he made up his mind to devote the rest of his life to seeing his children through life. He saw to it that they got good education, which ultimately saw Titilayo going to the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. After graduation, Titilayo was employed by Skye Bank in 2007, and started doing quite well. Then, Kolade Arowolo showed up in her life, and a relationship developed between them. They eventually got married in 2008. Titilayo was said to have shown devotion, dedication and commitment to the union.The union began to experience turbulence when Kolade lost his job about two years ago. Notwithstanding the setback, Titilayo made her best efforts to cushion the effect on the marriage by providing for the family. It is not very clear when and how the sequence of events that ultimately led to the tragic end of Titilayo commenced. The police are still investigating what happened on the day of the incident. But the mournful cloud that descended on the family in the wake of the news of Titilayo’s death only seems to be getting thicker as the days pass. With grief dripping from his pores, Oyakhire Jnr, Titilayo’s  brother told Sunday Sun: “My dear sister was the apple of our father’s eyes. She was so dear to him that he treated her like his wife. Since our mum died years ago when sister Omozojie (Titilayo) was just nine, our father accepted her as a replacement of his wife. The reason was because Omozoje combined a striking resemblance of our dad with exact mannerisms of our mum to warm dad’s heart. He would say to us, that is your mum, my wife. I am not missing your mum because Omozojie possesses all her attributes. She is humane, compassionate, reserved and highly tolerant.” Continuing, he said: “Dad has been in shock since receiving the news of her death. And I don’t know if he would ever be himself as I strongly believe the remaining part of him left by Mum has gone with Omozojie.”
Asked if they were aware that the couple had been having issues as alleged by the their neighbors, he confirmed the claims of the neighbours, but said that no one thought it would result in the tragedy that ended his sister’s life.

Source- The Sun Newspapers


This singular act cannot be any better described other than pure dehumanization and cannibalism. So many women had fallen prey to this kind of marriage after been warned or cautioned by friends or family members. It’s heartrending, however that despite the yearnings and beckoning from concerned folks who have foreseen the wrath in certain marriages, a whole lot of  young women still dive into dens which they call a home. The usual responses are that they love the man deeply or that they are fulfilling marriage vows- horrible! All of which is to their own detriment and like Titi, DEATH! A woman should know when her marriage is likely to result to doom. If she doesn’t know, then she should seek advice from knowledgeable people especially women who had experienced same or are knowledgeable in that area. Nonetheless, she as the lady who often suffers the battering should know that it is unusual and very typical of a husband to constantly dehumanize and maltreat his wife.If you are in this kind of marriage, it is time to take a break. If several talks, family meetings and pleas to resolve your marriage problems prove a futile effort, then you can get a divorce. Women will only cut their own life short by putting up with marriages of this kind. In fact, a woman whose husband has the courage to lay a finger on should get the message that she is living with a total stranger- a psycho if put informally. That is where she would have to take optimum steps to save her precious life. Agreed, marriages do have problems but when it gets to the point of physical and emotional abuse, the man and the woman involved should take steps to find a safe way out than sticking together until one is killed.

·         Do not be carried away with the thought of living in your husband’s house and making babies and leaving important issues as properly and deeply evaluating and knowing the kind of man you are getting married to.
·         It is advisable to verify from family members the behavior and character of your spouse.
·         Always use your head when making marriage plans or  before saying “Yes, I will Marry You”
·         Always do some clandestine psychology work (psychoanalysis) on your own to ascertain the kind of man you intend marrying. These could be done quite easily by simply knowing the man who shares the same humour as you do: What tickles your fancy, if it actually tickles his. His attention to minute details and his reactions to little facts about your past and his ideas about your future aspirations or wants.
·         Take into consideration the assertions of family members or friends. Make pragmatic evaluation of them all and use the important advise and dispose the irrelevant.
·         Run away when he tells you his is sorry after promising never to do it again.
Remember! "the first time a woman is battered in a marriage, she is a victim but the second and subsequent times she is beaten in a marriage, she is a volunteer". How many of us women are volunteers? "Please be warned! The punching activities of your spouse could take you to the land where Titilayo Omozejie is today".



I hope u enjoyed your time here. Was it an exciting ride for you?Are you a career woman, Stay-at-home mom or even a dad? I'm sure there was something here for you. Once again, thank you so much for visiting. Just before you go, kindly drop us a comment. Your feedbacks help us to serve you better!!


Working Mom



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