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19 February 2015

A Birthday Tribute to My Sister, Oge!

I have been so overwhelmed with work recently that I couldn't find the time to pen down birthday wishes for my older sister so I thought it wise to pen a tribute to her in honour of her birthday though it is belated since she was born on February 18, which was yesterday, a very special day indeed as she is the first born of the family. 

My dear sister, Ogechi Charles Omeze, I am inclined to believe that you can't be up to 39 yet. It was only yesterday that we were both kids Hahaha! I have known Oge all my life.
I would say my sister and I are very different.  She is silently brave and I am daringly brave. She is organized but I am not so organized. Even at a very young age, she was known to be serious minded while I was judged mischievous because of her seriousness.  If our mom did not hear me for even a few minutes, she knew Mary was "up to something" but Oge can stay in the home and will be quiet and yet it is okay.  I think she was attention sufficient while I was hyperactive attention deficit. But back then, kids didn't have these kinds of labels. So, my mom just made sure that I was kept busy all the time (Wash plate, sweep house, clean this clean that maka anya erughi m ala sic). While growing up, my sister was the good natured and introverted girl in the family.  She loved the whole catholic activities including the Legion of Mary which I always teased her was for Mgbekes a.k.a juu babes lol. She had a very mean and authoritative outlook and everyone must ‘trust and obey’ her commands!
She was always protective of me, her little sister particularly when we lived in a neighborhood of some very naughty children (Alvan and Eustace who are now parents). She will always stand in my defense though subtly. She cared even though she always puts me into trouble because of her good-girl stature. She was also a bit protective of her clothings and can strip me naked if I ever tried wearing any of her clothes out of the house, yes she could be that mean but all the same, it made me to always keep to only what belongs to me and today as an adult, I never want to have other peoples stuff, I am always contented with mine and mine alone.
My sister is no risk taker even in things that could bring her progress. She was always scared of taking bold steps and when such time comes, I will do whatever it takes and damn the consequence. I remember once, our Dad –of blessed memory for some odd reason threatened not to pay her school fees. My sister and I planned to get the money for her school fees by breaking into popsie’s wardrobe as soon as Dad goes to work. Luckily on that fateful day, our dad left for his business without locking the doors to his room, so I went in as planned, got huge sums of money it could have been about N30,000 then, I carried the money under my armpit and called out to my sister in a hush voice, Ogechi come! I got your school fees here with me. What I thought would have excited her turned out to be another story o! My sister on siting me with the money became very scared and started signaling me in a low voice saying; Biko! Biko! Please! please! return the money, it is too much, you can imagine my confusion. See my sister, I was trying to help get back to school as she was losing study time and days which could lead to poor performance at the end of the term, here she was rejecting her school fees ably organized by me hahaha. My sister no get heart at all.
Another remarkable event was after she started secondary school, she made new friends in school both young and old. I remember the day, my sister came back home with a box full of nice clothes and goodies courtesy of her School Mother and my mum after watching her show off all that was in the box, in a harsh tone, told her, before I open my eyes and close it eh! You have returned that box and everything in it to your so called school mother. If I condone your bringing in clothes and goodies from a school mother today, when boys start buying them for you, I will not know, oya return those things before the count of 10!! Come and see race; in a speed of light my sister returned every damn thing. I though my mum was such a mean person but being a mum today, I know better, But looking back, I think my sister is that kind of child every mum would love to have. She obeys every order without questioning you but I on the other hand will like to know why I should do what you asked me to do.
Today is my older sister’s birthday. As she will tell you, If you read any of her comments on my facebook wall, you will notice, she enjoys pointing out that she is indeed the older one – if only by one year and 6 months – because I frequently get comments like, “Oh! You have an older sister?!?! I thought you were the 1st!” I tell myself the comments are just because I’m more extroverted and more outspoken, but I’m attempting to be transparently honest on this blog, so I better not start lying today. The truth is, she does look younger even after having 4 children in such quick successions and raising them in Canada with no access to house maid and all the support we get here in Nigeria. She is doing great as a parent.
People think my sister Oge is younger, prettier, and we jokingly balance the whole thing by saying she’s 'MEAN' However, the truth is, there isn't a mean bone in her body. She isn't mean, but she is firm and fierce – not in the aggressive sense, but in the profound, deeply felt sense. Ogechi is firm about her convictions. She is fierce about her friendships. She is firm about her loyalty. She is firm about her relationship with her husband, her children, our late Dad, our Mama, her sisters, her brothers and her nieces and nephews, even aunts, uncles, cousins and anyone related to us. Ogechi Omeze understands the value of people; they are the most important things to her. Chances are, if you once had a close relationship with Oge, you still do, and if you don’t, it’s probably because you are the one who left. She’s too firm to give up on anything. Above all, my sister loves God with everything in her. She is a minister of God and works in God’s Vine yard. She is the family prayer warrior and she is also Joseph the dreamer lol. My sister is an extremely hardworking lady and she really have no time to be lazy. She is a courageous woman, fun loving, cherishes her 'ME' Time too.
So, from me, it is HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER!  If you don’t know it, I admire you greatly and smile every day at the immeasurable blessings God has poured upon you. You deserve them.
I thought I would never have time to write this today, let alone put it in my blog for all to see, these words...You’re amazing. Have a birthday as amazing as you!

P.S. If you ever show this message to Ekwy or anyone, I’ll deny it!

Love you plenty!
Mary Ikoku

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I like this post because it reminds me of my own big Sis whose birthday is on March 29. Perhaps I should 'do likewise'. How is the Working Mums magazine doing? When was the last issue?

I 'd like to suggest changing the order of the blog posts to show the more recent posts first. I as tempted too think your last post was in 2009 at first glance.


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